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Kaizen Camera Testimonials

Thank you again for such good work! Your retouching team completed my concept for the client and always improves on my images in ways not possible before.

Fran Collin
Professional Photographer

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know how pleased I am, not only with the results your company provides me on photo retouching, but on the outstanding level of communications and service that you provide. I have to admit that I was initially concerned. But after sending you various types of work, including portrait, commercial, children's shoots and fashion/portfolio work, I am thrilled at the level of skill and expertise offered by your technicians. Initially I evaluated your performance by sending you un-retouched images that I had already retouched myself. In all cases, your team retouched at a level equal to or beyond what I did myself.
And considering the cost, and the fact that I spent over 10 hours on the images I worked upon, versus the cost of less than $20 for your work, you not only provided quality equal to or beyond what I am able to accomplish, but saved me an immense amount of time (and money) and have increased my profitability markedly.
I'm also quite surprised at the level of personal service. You have routinely provided not only output per my instructions and specifications, but also additional suggestions to further improve the quality of the output. To say that I am impressed and pleased would be an understatement. I look forward to working with you on all of my future projects.

Mark Pells
Professional Photographer

I recently discovered Kaizen Camera. They were clever enough to know to call me and not try to conduct business solely through email communications. I accepted their offer to demonstrate their post-processing on a few of my raw images and, to my delight, the results were better than I anticipated. Every issue I wanted addressed was at least accurately finished. Beyond this, their customer service is excellent and I would recommend their services to anyone.

Pete Albert

Testimonials Geff, CO
I've only uploaded two pictures with you and I'm very pleased with all the work so far. This is an excellent service and is cost effective too.

Thank you.

Geff, CO
Testimonials Diane, MA
At first I was apprehensive about using your services. But I was extremely impressed after reviewing the picture you worked on. The airbrushing and adjustment of skin tone came out amazing. Unbelievable turnaround time and competitive prices. I would definitely want to work again with you guys.

Diane, MA
Testimonials David, NY
I have been working with Kaizen Camera for a long time now and the experience has been wonderful. They are extremely efficient and on-time.

David, NY
Testimonials Smith, MI
I cannot find words to express how pleased I am with the results after you guys worked on the photo.

Smith, MI
Testimonials Mark, NY
We are satisfied with your customer support. Your work in every way has been great. Your services will be highly recommended by me. Compliments to your team.

Mark, NY