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Text Additions: When Pictures Don’t Say It All

text addition

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Adding Text To Photos

Pictures do not say it all at times. That is when you need to complement your photo with some text lines to drive the message home. It could be a few words, a quote or simply a philosophical take on the picture. The point is to add this text to the image without taking away the appeal of the picture or destroying the visual impact totally. The photo retouching services of Kaizen Camera have an insightful understanding of the photo that you have taken. As a result, these artists are in an ideal position to feel what kind of text would go well with the image. The photo editing services department will surely take your inputs into consideration before going ahead with it.

Photo Retouching By Text Additions

There are some key issues to be addressed by the photo retouching team when it adds text to your photo. The placing of the text is vital. It must not distract the viewer. At the same time, it must not become insignificant. There has to be a balance in the size and style of the text. You can provide your suggestions to the photo editing team if you want. The artists can use these directions as a guideline. You can also rely on the sound creative minds at work here in Kaizen Camera. The domain experience of these artists provides them with a thorough knowledge about color and fonts. They know exactly what goes on in the mind of the viewer when one sees a text strapped photo.

Text Additions: Photo Editing Services

Some important features of our Photo retouching services through text additions are:
· Follow the occasion. For example, a child’s birthday invitation must have a font that resembles a kid’s handwriting. Our photo editing team can do that for you!
· Speech bubbles used by cartoonists is often used to denote what the person is thinking or saying. Get those in your photo through our photo retouching desk
· Attach a time or date tab on travel photos to keep note of it and also inform viewers.