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Special and Specific Requests: Make Your Photos Unique

special and specific request

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Special Requests for Photo Retouching Services

Your photos are unique in the fact that they are yours. You have taken the shots to the best of your ability and there is no denying it that they are special to you. Kaizen Camera understands your desire to make your photos individualistic and definitive. That is why the photo retouching services of our stable provides you with an opportunity to make a special request to the photo editing team. You can ask for any particular modifications that you want to see in your photo. The request may not be part of any of the packages that comprise our photo editing services desk. These are cases different from the ones that we usually handle. 

Special and Specific Requests for Photo Editing Services

The play of colors makes up the pivot of the special requests division. When you are not happy with the colors that you have captured through the camera lens, our photo retouching team can swing into action. The artists on our team start off by making your pictures bright and happening. Gloomy photos lose their appeal right away. If the photos look washed out, the photo editing team lends color and vitality to the picture. The adjustment of the color saturation level is integral to the process. Also, the photo editing experts can change the background of your photo and place your subject in a different context.

Photo Restoration and Retouching on Special Requests

Here are some general tips that will help your photography:
· Make use of bright but soft light during the shoot. Overexposure damages the photo. Correct the ones you have already taken by making a special request to the photo retouching services at Kaizen Camera
· Light reflected from gaudy accessories are not ideal for your photo. The photo editing services at our end will help you get rid of these distractions
· Maintain a proper color balance on your camera. If your camera offers automatic adjustments, make sure you have switched on the right mode before you click away. Get in touch with our photo retouching department after you have taken the shots.