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Portraits Retouching Services

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Portraits: Retouch Your Personality

The concept of retouching portraits is not a new one. Paintings of royal members and famous personalities were touched up with paint and ink. In the modern times, the same kind of treatment is dished out through computers and state-of-the-art software.

Portrait retouching is one of the most basic aspects of photo editing services. No matter how the photo has turned out, you can always depend on us to retouch and edit it for you! 

Portraits Photo Editing Services

To us, portrait retouching means making you look better. The expert designers and artists at our end modify and experiment with the various elements that make up a photo. Our team corrects the many reasons why a portrait photo is not looking as you want it to.

Some basic changes include fixing flaws caused by inaccurate lighting, eliminating random spots on the skin or making the subject look fairer. If you have any special requests, like making the subject look slimmer, we are always happy to oblige!

Portraits Photo Restoration Service

There are some general changes that our portrait photo editing services include. Take a quick look:

  • Modify Unwanted Aspects: No one has a flawless skin. We make sure your portrait has it! We remove skin spots like scars and pimples or even eye-bags.
  • Color Correction: Colors make a portrait what it is and we adjust the contrast and color according to your preferences. We can make teeth appear whiter and also make eyes look more attractive
  • Light Factor: The light used to take a snap is integral to the photo. In our photo editing service lab, we make the snap look brighter. If the light was too flashy, we tone it down to suit the subject and the overall appeal of the picture.
  • Miscellaneous: We enhance photos of models with clothes and accessories, as per your demands. Our photo-retouching experts are able to provide a soft glow to your portrait.