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Pet Photos of Your Furry Friends!

pet photos

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Pet Photo Editing Services

Pulling off a stunning pet photo is not a walk in the park! Unlike human subjects, pets are not conscious of the camera lens. This has its advantage and also a flip side. The good part is that you can take the shot from any angle you want and catch a spontaneous slice of the pet’s life. The hard part is to be patient and keep trying to make the pet comfortable. If your furry friend is scared of the lens, you will have a tough time making it peer into the camera! Once you have taken the shot you wanted to, it’s time to use our photo retouching services and make it look even more appealing and charming.

Pet Photo Retouching Services

We have a wide range of photo editing features to add that extra bit to your pet photo. Our photo retouching experts can remove stains and marks on the pet’s fur. If you have shot the subject in a background that you do not wish to retain, we can modify it accordingly. White dogs often have stains around their eyes. Our photo retouching service expert will make sure that they are not visible on the snap. We can also highlight certain aspects of the pet that you find more attractive than the others. Our artists can also improve image depth and definition.

Pet Photo Restoration Services

Before you hand over your pet photo for our photo retouching services, take care of these aspects:

  • Groom the pet before shooting. The pet will look attractive and even if there are stain marks on the fur, we can remove them for you!
  • Take shots from the eye level of the pet. That is the best angle to catch the natural expression. Our photo editing services will remove red eyes and stains.
  • Use proper lights for best results. Alternately, shoot in natural light and we will adjust the contrast and lighting as per the needs of the photo.