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Digital Media has transformed the modern world. The ways we connect, interact, communicate and create seems to be endless and dramatically different from even a decade ago. The analogue imaging industry is rapidly and inevitably transforming to a digital platform. This seismic –shift , and the ever growing competition and changing customer demands have led the industry to fiercely adopt new business models and embrace technologies faster than one could ever imagine.

KaizenCamera.Com (a division of Kaizen Technologies, Inc) stands at the cusp of this transformation and offers its clients’ services that help them remain competitive amidst this changing landscape. It is a leading provider of digital image processing and creative graphic design services to Professional Photographers, Corporations, Publishers, Stock Photo Agencies, Retailers, Advertising Agencies and other consumers and distributors of Rich Media.

Headquartered in Stamford, CT, KaizenCamera.Com’s state-of-the-art design and post-production studio is located in Mumbai, the advertising capital of India. Kaizen’s offshore operation allows it to provide to its customers, the services of highly talented professionals at extremely competitive price points, creating a significant value proposition for its global clients.

Kaizen has been in business for over 16 years now. Our management team blends Western and Indian international business experience with a solid background in publishing and the creative industry. Our account managers have decades of experience in outsourcing, newspapers, magazines, publishing systems, creative process and workflows. We understand in detail how creative and publishing processes work, and how to identify and improve workflows. Our staff have a thorough grounding in client-service orientated culture and many have been selected from the top graphic and design colleges, with whom we have cultivated close relationships.

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